Our Philanthropic Mission

We strive to foster learning, communication, and relationships among younger students and future engineers. We enjoy being involved in outreach events each semester, for elementary and middle school children, designed to encourage an interest in science and engineering disciplines through hands-on activities and presentations. Education is important to us, and we aim to promote life-long learning and ignite a passion in the cosmos.

Engineering Tomorrow

Purdue Orbital will be participating in Engineering Tomorrow hosted by the Purdue Engineering Student Council. Open to all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade, Engineering Tomorrow aims to stoke students' interest in STEM fields. Purdue Orbital will be providing presentations and activities in pursuit of encouraging students to take an interest in Outer Space and its exploration. Additional information regarding Engineering Tomorrow can be found through the Purdue Engineering Student Council.


Design, Build, TEst Showcase

Check back soon for exciting information!

There are billions of places out there that we know nothing about. The fact that we know nothing about them excites me, and I want to go out and find out about them.

And that’s what science is.
— Brian Cox