Hapsis Missions: small steps to giant leaps

Deriving its name from the Latin word for orbit, the Hapsis missions are but one step to reaching the ultimate objective of Project Cygnet. These missions aim to be the first full system launches in the organization’s history, manifesting almost three years of hard work into three moments of aerospace history.


  1. Test the feasibility of a high-altitude rocket launch from a balloon

  2. Recover our system and data for future launches


Hapsis Alpha | 23 March 2019

Dry run of Hapsis I and II, excluding ignition of rocket. Test control & stability systems, flight computer, and material recovery.

Hapsis I | 05-09 May 2019

First full system launch. Test the ascent and launch of a Level 2 rocket to a maximum altitude of 40 kilometers and the proceeding material recovery methods.


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