Design & Manufacturing

Flight Systems

Started as the High Altitude Balloon System, Flight Systems now encompasses all components related to the function and recovery of the lifting craft used to bring the rocket to its launch altitude.

Launch Structure

Previously known as the Launch Orientation Control System, Launch Structure focuses on both the orientation and stability of rocket during ascent up to the moment of launch.

Commercial Rocket

In contrast to Experimental Rocket, Commercial Rocket uses off-the-shelf components to build rockets that will be used to certify members of Orbital with the National Association of Rocketry.


Dealing mainly with the electronics onboard the craft, Avionics designs the sensor packages and power systems used by other onboard systems during their in-flight operation.

Ground Station

Dealing mainly with the telecommunication system between Mission Control Center and our crafts, Ground Station is in charge of maintaining connection and control of the craft during flight.

Research & Development

Mission Analysis

Using empirical data from test flights and launches, Mission Analysis aims to predict the system behavior with a high degree of accuracy during every phase of the HAPSIS missions.

Mission Visualization Services

Using computer generated animations, Mission Visualization Services aims to consolidate and communicate the essence of Orbital’s mission profiles for internal and external presentation.

Experimental Rocket

In contrast to Commercial Rocket, Experimental Rocket is designing a propulsion system tailored to the higher launch altitude and larger payload of the full scale mission.


Based around the iconic CubeSat system, Payload is designing the scientific package that the rocket will carry to its orbital altitude with the goal of fulfilling mission success criteria.

Systems Engineering

Flight Operations

Planning the week-of-launch logistics and safety procedures, Flight Operations communicates with the subteams that will be present at the HAPSIS I and II launches to establish efficiency and efficacy.

System Verification & Validation

Serving as liaisons between the other subteams, System Verification & Validation operationalizes and documents the engineering practices within the team to ensure a cohesive system.



Containing our Public Relations and Sponsorship Coordinators, Marketing promotes Orbital through social media to build public interest while pursuing funding and partnership opportunities


Overseeing the material and financial assets of Orbital, Logistics handles merchandise orders, inventory tracking, and ongoing corporate partnerships.


Team Development

Every organization should continuously improve its members to improve itself and Team Development provides that service through social and professional events for members.


Orbital values the pursuit of knowledge and encourages the community to share this value through Outreach and the volunteer education events that it holds on-campus.